Leave Details of Judicial Officers in SDJM,Hojai,Nagaon

Leave Period
Nature of Leave
From Date To Date
Sri N. Senabaya Deori Additional District and Sessions Judge(FTC), Hojai, Nagaon 04/01/2019 04/01/2019 Casual Leave
28/01/2019 29/01/2019 Casual Leave
Shri Chinmoy Baruah SDJM, Hojai, Nagaon 17/01/2019 17/01/2019 Restricted Holiday
12/03/2019 12/03/2019 Casual Leave
18/03/2019 18/03/2019 Restricted Holiday
Sri Biswadeep Baruah Judicial Magistrate First Class,Hojai, Nagaon 18/02/2019 18/02/2019 Casual Leave
20/02/2019 20/02/2019 Restricted Holiday
Sri Saumarjyoti Dutta Munsiff cum JMFC, Hojai, Nagaon 17/01/2019 17/01/2019 Restricted Holiday
18/01/2019 19/01/2019 Casual Leave
18/02/2019 18/02/2019 Casual Leave

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